Affinity Group


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This is my affinity group!

You can find Michaela’s work right here

and Lesley’s work right here

We are a group due to the fact that we are all majoring in International Studies, and our projects don’t connect with any others in the class.

10th of May

Most feedback and help has been offline, so I will comment about what I’ve done offline. Both Michaela and Lesley required assistance with uploading to YouTube, and understanding how to use WordPress to the fullest extent. I worked with them and helped them find the appropriate interfaces to showcase their work. Once their work is loaded online I will comment and critique their work in order for them to achieve their goals.

17th of May-

Lesley commented on my Portfolio Page with “Ander its interesting we did a report last week on this very fact that there is a lack of cultural awareness on most host countries who offer resettlement programmes for refugees therefore sometimes prolong their adjustment period!!! I can absolutely see SAFARA as a relevant project to go for !!!”

I replied with “Really? I haven’t been able to find any of those reports, could you send that to me? I think I could use that report as a reference for my investor report!!! (: Thank you for your encouraging feedback!!!”

Michaela commented on my Portfolio with “Very good work Ander ! Keep it up:)

I commented on Lesley’s Portfolio page with “Hi Lesley!
I have some feedback, some constructive criticism and some praise! Your interviewing voice is slow and steady, which is fantastic. Do your interviewees get the questions ahead of time so they can prepare answers?

Your choice of locations made listening incredibly difficult, as there were parts I couldn’t hear and understand at all. Also, where is week 8? It seems to have vanished.

Overall, it seems that the progress you have made has mostly been on your end, which is great!”


24th May-