Brief Two Proposal

Proposal Overview:

Creation of a social benefit enterprise in name and go through the processes of setting up a business, as if pitching it to a potential investor.


Digital Benchmarks:

The content posted will be the step by step process; market research, aims and goals of the business, and the final product of a proposal to an investor.


Relationship to Program of Study:

International Studies with a minor in International Business.


Aim of Project:

The aim of this project is to learn the skills of how to create a social enterprise for future use.


Skills Developed and Demonstrate Those Skills:

The skills being developed would be research, and organization of ideas and concepts, marketing skills and time management. The skills being created would range from learning the business and social enterprise market, budgeting for a business, and organizational management on a holistic level.


I will demonstrate these skills by being clear with my progress, following the timeline that I create and ensuring the final proposal and presentation are professional and are reviewed by people in the business.


Criteria of Making Progress:

I will be using Donald F. Kuratko’s Business Plan Assesment: A Complete Evaluation Tool. It will allow me to evaluate how I’ve been progressing through the process of creating the social enterprise.


Theoretical References:

Donald F. Kuratko’s Business Plan Assesment

Strategic Managment Model Elements- Adapted from Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson (2004) and Pryor, White and Toombs (1998)


Weekly Plan of Action

Weeks Plan of Action Completed ✓
5 Market Research on social enterprises  
6 Create aims and goals of the business, as well the mission statement  
7 Implementation strategy created  
8 Research Budgeting for Social Enterprising and create theoretical budget  
9 Marketing and Sales research and development
10 Put together and create holistic vision of business
11 Research and Create Investor Proposal and marketing
12 Completed Investor Proposal, final revisions and feedback from editors in the industry



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