“I can’t seem to find a way to comment on your other posts, but I just wanted to say that your brief two proposal looks awesome! It seems like you have a really cool project ahead of you (: ” on Ethan’s site

“Hey Isaako! I’m currently laughing at your “wing it” comments, but overall your idea sounds really interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing what genre of music you will be signing! Good luck! ” on Isaako’s site

“Wow! Your proposal is incredibly detailed, its fantastic! Well planned and researched, I think your project is going to be incredible (: ” on Mike’s site

“nice use of pictures! It seems like you got the hang of it and explained it in a layman’s way which is well done (: ” on Faamoa’s site

“nicely done yaaaaaay (: ” on Michaela’s site (Don’t worry, we are close friends. I’m not just posting that on a random peer’s site)

“Hey Lesley! I have a few questions, but this is super relevant to what International Studies is about. How will you “help my peers to accommodate a better setting for student refugees.” will you be sharing your knowledge with your peers in some way? Will you be planning on making suggestions to the university? What cultural skills do you think you will learn from doing these interviews? Just some things to think about! ” on Lesley’s site

“your site is so fun! Your use of gifs is fantastic, and it looks like your project will be engaging and interesting for you! It seems well organized and very manageable (: ” on Reann’s site