E-Portfolios and Reflective Practice

Links to References About ePortfolios

Benefits of Having an ePortfolio

Karen Barstable writes a self help blog that assists students, teachers, corporate organisations and individuals in the technology world of today. This particular link talks about the benefits of an ePortfolio, and how it can help in both the long run and with short term goals.

Are ePortfolios Still Relevant? 

This article, by EducationEdTech discusses how ePortfolios have become common practice in today’s educational and professional society.

ePortfolios- An Overview

This educational paper discusses the benefits, history and in depth analysis of ePortfolios and how they have changed the landscape of knowledge.


Links to References About Reflective Writing

How to Write a 1st Class Reflective Portfolio

This in depth article about both portfolio creation and do’s and dont’s of reflective writing. It gives a step by step from Ivory Research to assist in making the best ePortfolio possible.

Reflection- The Next Step

This guide is to improve an already existing portfolio, and a step by step process in order to ensure a better portfolio.

A Guide to Reflective Writing

This University document gives an overall view of what reflective writing can be and how to achieve it.


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